The installation of most engines is very simple, you will need to r some tools, most probably , have in your house.

The automation control unit is sent as prepared as possible, only in some cases it may be necessary to program the door ‘s shut-offs in order for the engine to adapt to its shape, sensitivity and strength to be exercised , but do not worry , the installation manuals are very clear and our technicians are helping you if you need them and , in some products, we have videos demonstrating how to install .

The motor winding is embedded in the center axis of the metal grid, the cables are passed into the shaft to protrude from a side and the first grid plate is bolted to the engine by a screw crown. After this process, set the end-of-course, connecting the motor to the central and making your schedule.

To purchase the most suitable engine for your blind should know the weight of it. If you need help, contact your dealer to get that information. If you do not have this possibility, you can choose to put a scale under the blind to get your weight, this adds value + 20%. That way you will get a ballpark figure of how much it weighs the blind.

Then, start by analyzing the pipe model where winds the blind, so you can get the engine accessory equivalent to the tube format.

Finally, the engine installation is quite simple, you just have to fit the engine into the pipe and connect the motor to the electronic central to make the programming of the end-of-course.

The motors should be placed at the gate respecting their quotas installation (check installation manual for this step is very important). To fix the engine back can opt for the screwing or welding, according to the pillar of the material. The front end must be fastened to the door leaf, also welding or bolting, as preferred, using the motor mounting brackets. After that, just connect the motor to the electronic central and make the programming of the end-of-course.

To install a sliding gate motor, the motor must be placed on the floor, on top of a concrete foundation, fixed with screws or welded, and then place the gate steel or nylon rack. Note that the nylon rack is only suitable for motors up to 800 kg. To adjust the end-of-course, connect the motor to the electronic central and make the necessary settings.

Usually all engines are compatible with most electronic plants and vice versa, if you still have questions, you can send us pictures of your current installation, so we can recommend exactly if you can use the old material with new or you need to change any of the components.

All engines have the possibility of manual opening and, in the case of a 24 Vdc motor, have a backup battery that allows the engine to work without electricity on average 20 more maneuvers.

To choose an engine, you should first look for the type of gate you want to automate. The motors are chosen depending on the weight and / or size of the gate.

It is always advisable to choose an engine that has superior strength, since the gate drive conditions are not always the same, depends on the hardness of the course, the effort required to start moving it, etc.

For example, for a sliding gate should take into account your weight, but it is also very important to consider whether the sliding gate occurs easily. If it is difficult to push the gate and does not slide well, you choose to apply to a motor support more weight, so that it has sufficient force to move the gate.

A swing gate is the size of sheet to be taken into account, as well as the wind hitting against the sheet exerting a counterforce.

The limit switch is an electromechanical device that is used in the installation of gates to indicate to the engine the stopping point in the opening and closing of the gate.

Both brands are Portuguese. Portamatik has products best suited for residential use. Motorline, in addition to its innovative design, has mechanics prepared for more intensive uses.


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