Automatic Clothes Dryer

This multifunctional drying rack was designed for installation in small houses, such as apartments. The remote can be used to control the device, thus allowing greater convenience.

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€150.00 (tax incl.)

LED Light - Lighting that allows you to replace the space light.

Cold and Hot Air Dryer - Possibility of air drying for faster speed with timer.

UV Sterilization - During the rainy season, washed clothes are moist for some time, which facilitates the proliferation of bacteria. At these times, turning on the machine's UV sterilizer (for just 30 minutes, with timer) allows you to sterilize your clothes.

Various Safety Mechanisms - Detecting effort, whether due to excess weight, jamming, or other situations, the engine immediately stops its operation, in order to safeguard itself.

Dimensions -> 2300 x 30 mm

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