All products sold benefit from an assurance of conformity for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase, subject to the applicable statutory warranties.

Should a malfunction (s) product (s) purchased (s) before starting the process of collecting (s) item (s) to analyze the problem, we will first try to find solution to the distance.

The (s) article (s) will be sent to our analysis in situations the conclusion that you can not solve the problem remotely, we ask that you send an email to and indicate what the problem is so that one of our technicians can help you.

It can only be the product warranty after analyzed by us and made the final report that the product has a manufacturing defect. In warranty drive if TEMOSONLINE comply with all their obligations under the law governing the guarantees at European level, acting accordingly, repairing or replacing defective products at no cost to the customer.

The cost of sending the material to the TEMOSONLINE can inspect the product are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Whatever related to your product problem, it is necessary to send the product along a copy of the invoice and the fulfillment of the fault form which can be downloaded by clicking the image below:

The TEMOSONLINE review the article in question in order to confirm the actual warranty claims by the customer, the exclusion of all situations that result prove, inter alia, of:

  • Products altered or damaged by failure in installation or handling, or other such as burns, repair attempts by water infiltration oxidation, mechanical breakage in the circuit and / or components;
  • Products which have aluminum oxidation, color or damaged oxidized steel, from plants that are at a distance less than 300m from the sea coast, suffering currents wiper or contact with acid products or salitra;
  • Abuse, intentional damage or negligent damage by the customer;
  • Unable to prove the fault or defect indicated by the client;
  • All situations that are detected as fraud attempts.

Products that are out of production or obsolete will be replaced by others with similar characteristics.

Items out of warranty will be repaired or replaced with new, after acceptance by the customer, and the costs will be charged based on the existing price table. If you do not accept the cost, the article return to the client. The shipping costs and analysis of the damage will be paid by the customer. Once the products reach the technical services without fault indication will be charged the full and deep analysis service for the detection of possible malfunctions.

TEMOSONLINE assumes no liability for any extra costs incurred by the customer in contracting additional services to perform this work. If you do not have any technical knowledge to apply these components, you should mention this as soon as possible so that TEMOSONLINE can perform the proper procedures.


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