Control boards for roller blinds and grids - MC75

Control boards for roller blind and grid motors, with capacity for 30 codes and compatible with WIWEATHER sensor.

€33.00 (com IVA)

Main features:

  • Effort detection by variation of wave;
  • Ability to work with motors up to 1500W;
  • Concludes the work time when it reaches the limit switch;
  • Allows programming the remote control without need to access directly the control board;
  • Courtesy light output with control by remote control;
  • Possibility of working with a single or double button controller;
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€79.00 (com IVA)
24Vdc control board with programming through display, built-in receiver, obstacle detection, limit switches, automatic course programming, time regulation for the soft stop, for motors up to 100W, lock management, 30...


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