Control board Motorline for swing gates motors - MC2

230Vac control board for swing gates, with the built-in receiver

€110.00 (com IVA)

• Slowdown for closing and opening
• Individual slowdown control for each leaf
• The pedestrian opening with the desired angle
• Output for electric lock
• Maximum power stroke at the start
• Power stroke at the end of the closing
• Power stroke to open electric lock
• Output for 2 pairs of photocells
• Programming of functions using the remote
• Condominium function: inhibition of the remote
controls at opening and pause time
• Maintenance of the pressure of the hydraulic
motors 2 in 2 hours
• Self-diagnosis of possible malfunctions through
the signaling of 4 LED’s
• Possibility to be controlled using the timer for
opening and closing
• Programming of the 1 stop contact
• Programming of the remote control on distance
• Memory for 150 codes

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