45mm diameter tubular motor for blinds and curtains up to 90Kg

Blinds and curtains motor with 45mm diameter.

All motors include mechanical limit switch so you can control the maximum rise and fall point.

To install the motor in the blind or curtain tube, please check the form and dimensions of the tube. Finally, select the adapter compatible with the tube by clicking on this link.

€39.00 (com IVA)
Motor type
  • Blind
  • Curtain
Maximum weight
Remote control + Receiver
  • Without remote control
  • With remote control MX88 + Built-in receiver

Also included:

  • Support for the motor and cable
Indicative weights
Material Weight/m2
PVC 5Kg/m2
Aluminium 6Kg/m2
Steel 14Kg/m2
Wood 13Kg/m2
Dados do produto

Ficha informativa

Power supply
AC 230V 50Hz
Max speed
17 RPM
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